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in the morning

With Koshigoe "​ Kanyumaru"

At our restaurant, we offer Shonan whitebait from Koshigoe "Kanyumaru". Raw shirasu, in particular, tends to lose its freshness, so at Yakura, we only serve fresh raw shirasu caught that morning. There may be cases where there is no stock due to fishing bans, salmon, etc.


​About Yakura

Our shop is located in the middle of Komachi Street in Kamakura. Please take your time and relax in our calm atmosphere based on wood grain. Starting with boiled whitebait and raw whitebait delivered directly from Koshigoe fishing port "Kanyumaru" every morning, freshly caught fish from Misaki fishing port are procured daily and served as sashimi. A number of seasonal Shonan vegetables are used to brighten up such delicious seafood. We look forward to your visit with a variety of menus using ingredients from Kamakura.  


Colorful ​Kamakura vegetables
​Fresh Misaki fresh fish

Colorful Kamakura vegetables procured by the so-called "Renbai".

Kamakura is surrounded by the sea and mountains, and its soil is rich in mineral ingredients, and is said to have a strong taste. In addition, at Yakura, fresh fish caught at Misaki fishing port is delivered directly every day, so you can enjoy fresh sashimi from Sagami Bay..


Freshly fried shirasu tempura

Accompanied by kamakura walk

At the takeout corner on the 1st floor, we sell freshly fried shirasu tempura. Yakura's original shirasu tempura is a fish-shaped satsuma-age filled with plenty of shirasu. We offer a variety of flavors, including plain. Please enjoy the Kamakura Komachi Street as an accompaniment to your walk.

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